Eördögh András

Eördögh -Kertész tanya

Eördögh András
Hungary, 6133 Jászszentlászló, Kalmárföld Tanya 57

We farm an area of 150 hectares in Kiskunság at the former accommodation of Kun leaders. In our ecological farm, we grow kale, Jerusalem artichoke, Chinese yam, beetroot in our 2 hectares plot, while alfalfa and rye is grown in our 22 hectares plough-land.

The rye is wholly-milled in our roller mill, from the flour or which artisanal leavened rye bread and dry pasta is manufactured.

In our dune grasslands and meadow grasslands grey cattle herd and Kundun stud is grazing while in the meadow flat lands a bunch of mangalica pigs root.

“The horses are bred within the framework of a scientific research programme. The aim of breeding is to create a horse breed with the following characteristics: medium wither height, 130-145 cms height, dun in colour, with dorsal stripe and the horse shall be similar to the shape and features of the horses of the ancient bow stretcher peoples the Scythians, Huns, Avars, Hungarians and Kuns; breeding of the soldier horse existed in bulk. In the course of the examination of funerals where horses were also involved it was justified that the Avar and Hungarian horses can be considered the descendants of the Scythian horses. We desire to create such a horse breed that is eligible for the purposes of pure tactics horse, the baranta, which came to the surface as a hidden creek and is gaining more and more popularity, long distance pack horse tours and also for the purposes of horseback archery and it shall be cooperative in work, has a balanced nervous system, however, it is less demanding in the course of its keeping and can be bred at a low cost. On the basis of its wither height it is an ideal horse for children but adults can exceedingly make use of it for the above purposes.” (Dr. Hecker Walter)

Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft, Certified Organic Farmer’s Association