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Szabó Ferenc
Szabó Ferenc
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"What has set me on the path I am steadily walking on since 1999?" Ferenc Szabó

My family always has been important to me, thus I was staggered when we found out my father’s diabetes. Since he was a blue-collar worker, eating healthy and nutritious was important for him. However, to bring his blood sugar under control, he had to change his eating habits radically. I knew it was not an easy task and I that I had to help him. Hence, I started to look for foods, plants and active substances, which help to acheave and maintain normal blood sugar for real. That is how I have found sunchoke, this very old, almost forgotten plant. The more I researched, the more I felt this plant is a „miracle” and its daily consumption contributes to health. I knew I had found the solution. My personal mission and the aim of the business I lead, is to draw more people’s attention to the importance of nutritional awareness, for that we provide sunchoke-based products.

Volvox Kft.

We work to familiarize people with the positive physiological effects of sunchoke, to make it become a part of daily nutrition, in order to enable a generation to grow up healthier.