Gyöngyösine Ónodi Gyöngyi

Fülöpjakabi Biogomba Farm

Gyöngyösine Ónodi Gyöngyi
Hungary, 6116 Fülöpjakab, Tanya 628, +36 76 / 714 867; +36 20 / 587 41 21

Unique to Europe—or more specifically in Fulopjakab—we grow chemical-free lingzhi-mushroom.

Experts claim that the ganoderm-mushroom, also known as lingzhi-mushroom, is capable of curing most endemics.

The fungus boosts the immune system and has a cell-regenerative effect as well.

We have developed an organic cosmetic product line and a natural ganoderm-mushroom.

Ground organic ganoderm-mushroom, organic shiitake mushroom powder, organic shaggy ink cap powder, organic bearded hedgehog mushroom powder, coffee specialties with ganoderm-mushroom from Fulopjakab, cosmetic products with ganoderm-mushroom, organic chocolate desserts.

Biokontrolll Hungaria Nonprofit Kft, Certified Organic Farmer’s Association